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After Defi

After Defi

  el-fi the next big thing after defi? Youve heard of defi - decentralized fiancne - well, let me introduce you to a new type of asset known as el-fi. I first saw this terminology on twitter and i do believe that it was evan kuo who might have coined the term but i think that el-fi sounds much better.

  will new furya be unique tokens after defi frenzy? September 23, 2020.

Crypto world after defi - what is next after defi? As we are all at the end of 2020 and have deep driven by the concept of decentralized finance, there rolls a query in each of our minds that what would be the next big thing in the cryptocurrency globe that would replace the spread of defi and lift the crypto industry to the next level? From the recent survey, experts conclude.

After | Definition of After by Merriam Webster

Definition of after- (entry 7 of 7) 1 a used as the first part of a compound to indicate an event or entity that follows or results from the thing denoted by the second part of the compound.

In spite of everything to the contrary nevertheless we chose to take the train after all.