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An Elector

An Elector

For example, if an elector who becomes a british citizen, a citizen of the republic of ireland or a citizen of another commonwealth country was previously registered only in the register of local government electors, they must make a new application in order to be added to the register of uk parliamentary electors.

  an elector could appear in person or could appoint another elector as his proxy. More often, an electoral suite or embassy was sent to cast the vote the credentials of such representatives were verified by the archbishop of mainz, who presided over the ceremony. The deliberations were held at the city hall, but voting occurred in the cathedral.

This year, the 2016 presidential election will be officially decided, not by the voters themselves, but by the electoral college.

Elector | German prince | Britannica

Elector, prince of the holy roman empire who had a right to participate in the election of the emperor (the german king).

  hillary clinton has been chosen as an elector and could cast a key vote against donald trump after the election. The former presidential hopeful confirmed that she is one of 538 electors on tuesday.

From longman dictionary of contemporary english related topics voting elector lekt -tr, -tr noun countable someone who has the right to vote in an election over 36 of electors did not vote at all. Examples from the corpus elector since there are 538 electors, 270 votes are necessary to win the presidency.

Elector definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Countable noun usually plural an elector is a person who has the right to vote in an election. Countable noun an elector is a member of the electoral college.

Prince-elector or elector, a member of the electoral college of the holy roman empire, having the function of electing the holy roman emperors elector, a member of an electoral college. Confederate elector, a member of the electoral college (confederate states), which elected the president jefferson davis, and vice president alexander h.

An Elector

Elector definition is - a person qualified to vote in an election.