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File Like

  i tried to open a compressed file with internet explorer and now all of my newly created compressed files look like an internet explorer icon.

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Working with File like Objects — mutagen

Synonyms for file-like in english including definitions, and related words.

The file-like object has to implement the following interface (its a limited subset of real buffered file objects and stringiobytesio) class iointerface (object) this is the interface mutagen expects from custom file-like objects. For loading read(), tell() and seek() have to be implemented. For savingdeleting write(), flush() and truncate() have to be implemented.

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File-like synonyms, file-like pronunciation, file-like translation, english dictionary definition of file-like. File-like - resembling a file sharp - having or made by a thin edge or sharp point suitable for cutting or piercing a sharp knife a pencil.

File Like

  python supports file like objects, that dont write to the disk but stay in the memory. These files live only inside the computer memory, not on the disk.