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Do i have a qui tam case? Our firm gets many calls every week from people claiming that they have a qui tam (or whistleblower) claim against a certain company or individual for committing fraud against the government. While many of the situations are legitimately concerning, not all of them rise to the level of a qui tam claim under the false claims act.

  how do i know if i have a qui tam whistleblower case? The term whistleblower is very broad and can have multiple meanings. Any time someone reports a wrong, arguably they could be considered a whistleblower.

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  a health care qui tam attorney needs a case that involves a direct partyusually an employee or former employeebringing a case of fraud against the government.

Do I Have a Qui Tam Case? | Facts for Whistleblowers

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Although vsg has a long track record of success representing whistleblowers in qui tam cases, in our experience, there is no such thing as an easy qui tam case.

  an attorney who works in another practice area an employment lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, or a class action lawyer is unlikely to have detailed knowledge of the underlying federal rules and regulations, or adequate experience in qui tam procedures. The truth is, an experienced qui tam attorney will be your best choice to bring and maintain a qui tam case.

Maryland false claims act (current through changes made by senate bill 374) 8101. (a) in this title the following words have the meanings indicated.

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  do you have a qui tam whistleblower lawsuit? To answer the question, youll need to speak with a qualified attorney. But, there are examples which can help you to better understand qui tam whistleblower cases. For instance, you work for a company thats building something for the government.

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