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This song by skeeter davis was released in 1962 and only reached number 18 here in the uk charts, but it done much better in the u.

Its the donnellys is all about siblings katie, brennan & ryan along with mom (jill) and dad (mike). We love to laugh, play, travel and share our lives with you through family videos and vlogs.

The end of the world is a pop song written by composer arthur kent and lyricist sylvia dee, who often worked as a team. They wrote the song for american singer skeeter davis, and her recording of it was highly successful in the early 1960s, reaching the top five on four different charts, including no.

Covid 19 vaccination: Needle phobia it's the jab, not ...

It is often quoted from a televised quip by carville as its the economy, stupid. Carville was a strategist in bill clintons successful 1992 presidential campaign against incumbent george h. His phrase was directed at the campaigns workers and intended as one of three messages for them to focus on.

  a mass vaccination programme against covid-19 is set to begin in the uk on tuesday.

It's the economy, stupid Wikipedia

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