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Making Cul

Making Cul

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Im running out of things to put here uuuhh the video kept glitching so if stuff is cut weird im sorry.

Making Cul

In culture, and more particularly the signicance of the hand in making cul-ture. This essay suggests that semiotics is helpful to such enquiry, explaining why the trace of the hand within representation is capable of signifying mem-ories of profoundly affective states.

hoek.mn | Making your own CUL, the nanoCUL

Open your computers device manager and look for a usb2serial device, most likely under ports (com & lpt). Open a command prompt and go to the nanocul source folder cculfwculfwdevicesnanocul.

Practice or current phenomena in the realm of making cul-tures we invite submissions that are formatted as a position paper (up to 4 pages), a video (up to 5 minutes max), or a documen-tation of a physical or virtual artefact.

Creating a cul-de-sac if you look at your drawing, on the lower-left side of your right of way it looks incomplete.