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Meet Defin

Meet Defin

Meet definition, to come upon come into the presence of encounter i would meet him on the street at unexpected moments.

  from middle english meten, from old english mtan (to meet, find, find out, fall in with, encounter, obtain), from proto-germanic mtijanan (to meet), from proto-indo-european md-, mad- (to come, meet).

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Noun the met informal (in britain) the metropolitan police force the main police force serving london (in the us) the metropolitan museum of art british dictionary definitions for met (3 of 3).

Meet Defin

When you meet someone, you are in the same place and you start talking to each other.

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Manage so that ones financial means are enough for ones needs, as in on that salary enid had trouble making ends meet. This expression originated as make both ends meet, a translation from the french joindre les deux bouts (by john clarke, 1639). The ends, it is assumed, allude to the sum total of income and expenditures. However, naval surgeon and novelist tobias smollett had it as make the.