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Muslim Mayence

Muslim Mayence

The rhineland massacres, also known as the persecutions of 1096 or gzerot tatn (hebrew , hebrew for edicts of 4856), were a series of mass murders of jews perpetrated by mobs of german christians of the peoples crusade in the year 1096, or 4856 according to the jewish calendar.

Johannes (josef) pfefferkorn (14691523) was a german catholic theologian and writer who converted from judaism.

Marcus introduction in the year 1095 the catholic church, aroused by the muslim encroachments in palestine, proclaimed a crusade against the saracens to recover jerusalem and the holy sepulcher. The following year, in the spring of 1096, bands of zealous crusaders led by monks and soldiers set out for the holy land.

Roland's Breach Wikipedia

Rolands breach (french la brèche de roland spanish la brecha de rolando aragonese la breca de roldn basque errolanen arraila catalan la bretxa de rotllà german rolandsbresche) is the name of a natural gap, 40 m across and 100 m high, at an elevation of 2804 m in the pyrenees on the border of aragn, northern spain, and hautes-pyrénées, france.

When is the prayer times today in mainz? Muslim salat times in mainz today, fajr, dhuhr, asr, maghrib & ishaa.

When was the first name mayence first recorded in the united states? The oldest recorded birth by the social security administration for the name mayence is thursday, march 20th, 1924.