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  tesco apologises after muslim checkout worker refused to sell customer ham and wine because it was ramadan.

(by the way -- a sealed bottle of kosher wine can be handled by anyone, hence i am allowed to walk into any store in the planet and buy a sealed bottle of wine marked ou kosher assuming they didnt counterfeit it, assuming the seal is intact, etc.).

When chen naibao got into the wine business, he left out the pigeon blood and lamb meat that have been hallmarks of vintages in chinas xinjiang region for more than a thousand years.

Morocco Awakens: Wine in the Muslim World | Wine Spectator

  prohibition took an axe to the booming american wine industry.

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Estimated delivery time usa 3-9 days (dhl) worldwide 15-30 days.

  muslim tesco worker refused to sell man alcohol because its against her religion a muslim checkout worker refused to serve a customer alcohol as it went against her religious beliefs.

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In this surah, wine is satans work - o you who believe! Strong drink and games of chance and idols and divine arrows are only an infamy of satans handiwork.