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  the world health organization insisted monday that the international investigation into the covid-19 pandemics origins, set to start this week in china, was not looking for somebody to blame.

  multiplexes still not finding patrons in chandigarh even as the central government has allowed 100 occupancy in theatres and multiplexes, the response from moviegoers remained tepid this weekend.

Hi, i bought 5 jbl playlist and set them up using google home. This worked perfectly fine, i can find and play music on all speakers. Then i started setting up various groups, the first day this worked perfectly fine as well and i could connect with all of them.

India's Covaxin vaccine not finding international buyers ...

  not finding figurines of black folks, hes sculpting them.

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If you have a weak wi-fi signal or are suffering interference from a nearby device, such as a microwave or baby monitor, try the following make sure you use the recommended settings for your wi-fi router. Move or turn off any other devices that may cause interference.

If AirPlay or screen mirroring isn’t working on your ...

Not Findin

  indias first indigenous vaccine against covid-19 was to be sent pro bono to myanmar, mongolia, oman, bahrain, the philipines, maldives and mauritius as a goodwill gesture.

So i tried resetting network settings and reconnecting it again and it now says it cannot find network.