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A book, magazine, newspaper, or document, or the act of making information or writing available, esp. In a printed form c his writing appears frequently in french, mexican, and canadian publications.

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Publication is not confined to making information available in print or online. The term is very broad and can include the action of making information generally known or available for example by physical inspection in some circumstances, through speech in picture form, if there is an intention to make the picture available through public display and via notes made in preparation.

Publication definition is - the act or process of publishing.

The act of publishing a book, periodical, map, piece of music, engraving, or the like.

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  this procurement policy note (ppn) restates the annual publication requirements under regulation 113(7) of the public contracts regulations 2015.

In biological classification (taxonomy), the publication of the description of a taxon has to comply with some rules. The definition of the publication is defined in nomenclature codes.